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The purpose of the Statutory Building Scheme is to help ensure that CastleRock Estates is an attractive and aesthetically pleasing place to live.

Buildings should be compatible in style but should also have variety and individuality such that the area has its own special character within the overall community and is attractive to existing and potential homebuyers. This pleasant visual appearance is determined by how a group of homes relate to one another. Transition from one home to the next should be gradual avoiding sudden changes in height, colour, and exterior finishing.

The design of your home should optimize the lot's setting in the mountain environment taking advantage of the slope of the lot, its views, its tree growth, and benefits of the sun. The architectural theme for residences is “alpine mountain”.

The Statutory Building Scheme for CastleRock Estates, Phase Three Subdivision, will be administered by 0985348 BC Ltd., the general partner for CastleRock Estates Limited Partnership, the "Grantor" (250)342-3313, its successors or assigns, or by such parties as the Grantor may designate. The architectural controls are applicable to all construction, and must be complied with by each owner.

For full details, download the CastleRock Architectural Building Scheme.